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Adult Webmaster Info
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Adult Webmaster Info
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Traffic Trading Rules

UCJ Basic Rules
The UCJ script measures traffic productivity and returns traffic based upon it. If you send high quality traffic then you can expect high returns (up to 200%). If you send low quality traffic such as exit traffic then your return will not be as high. If you try to cheat then your productivity will be zero and hence will receive no return traffic.

Site Specific Rules

  • No Illegal Sites
  • No Delayed Refreshes
  • No Zero Sized Frames or Image Sources
  • You Must Have Movies On Your Site
  • You Need To Force To Activate Trade
  • EX Masters For All Your Hosting Needs!
  • Due To Cheaters,Trades Are Disabled By Default Until Reviewed..Any Size Welcome But No Hits , No Trade.

    Send all traffic to

    ICQ Contact #489-135

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    Use ICQ

  • Required Information
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    (e.g. - do not include the www)
    Return URL
    (must be on the same domain as above)
    Optional Information
    Only enter true information otherwise leave it blank!
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